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Web CalendarPro allows you to work with both public, or password protected – private calendars. To work with public calendars you  
do not have to register as a user and to enter your username and password when log in to the calendar.  
To work with a private calendar you need to register as a user of this calendar. To do that:  
Click the RegisterButton link on the Login page to open a registration form window;  
1. Enter your first name, your last name and your valid email address in the corresponding fields;  
2. Enter your login and password to use on logging in to WebCalendarPro;  
3. Reenter your password to confirm it in "Password Again" field;  
4. Choose the calendar you want to register for in the drop-down "Calendar" list;  
5. Click either the RegisterButton button to submit the registration or the button to cancel the registration and close the registration form window;  
If the calendar in the drop-down calendar list has an "activation" label this calendar requires an administrator's of the calendar authorization to register a new user.