SEO copywriting: How to write content

SEO copywriting is the writing of texts that are fully adapted to the key requirements of search engines to increase the position of the site in the results. Business owners are interested in getting the top positions in search results for key queries, because they generate the main traffic and, therefore, entail an increase in the number of deals and sales.

SEO copywriting has become the main tool to increase the loyalty of Yandex and Google. There are several reasons:

  • Search engines are interested in improving the quality of output for user queries, hence such high requirements for content and other technical factors.
  • Most of the ranking factors are related to content, and since much of the content is text, there is a temptation to manipulate.
  • In fact, SEO copywriting can be considered one of the easiest and most accessible ways to influence a search engine’s opinion of a site.

As a result of an entire industry aimed at deceiving and increasing the loyalty of Yandex and Google, the creators of these search engines regularly change and adapt the algorithms of the search robots to improve the quality of the results.

How has SEO copywriting changed?

The main thing is that the approach has changed. Increased competition has made it much more difficult to get positions at the top. Developers and SEO specialists now resort to more expensive and complex ways to improve the results, the role of marketing has increased significantly.

Now SEO copywriting is a method of optimizing (improving the efficiency) of content, which not only provides positions in the top search results, but also stimulates sales or other actions of the reader. To put it in pathos, copywriting is the art of selling goods or services by text, and some optimization allows you to improve the effectiveness of texts because of a wider audience.

Why is it important to focus on SEO copywriting?

The market conditions are such that the first positions get everyone, and everyone below – are satisfied with crumbs. The combination of psychological impact and optimization guarantees a systematic increase in traffic because:

  • You get leads even without being at the top, thanks to competently written commercial texts that stimulate an order.
  • On a level playing field, which is very common in highly competitive niches, search engines will give preference to properly optimized pages.
  • Your customers get what’s called “relevant output.” This means if a person has a request for a product or service, they get to the exact address, make a transaction and get what they want.

The content on your site should go beyond the ordinary for the reader, it must be authoritative, high quality, trustworthy. An important aspect of writing custom articles is the ability to work with the features of the target audience (CA). That is why you need an SEO copywriter who:

  • Creates texts for your target audience;
  • Creates texts taking into account the technical requirements of search engines;
  • helps motivate the reader to the desired action (call, sale, writing a letter).

Is it possible to write your own articles for the website? Of course you can! In some cases, it’s even very useful and effective, especially when it comes to expert niches. If your organizational structure allows you to use your own resource – deal with the content!

Why is it important to fill your website with quality SEO copywriting?

As in any other actively developing industry, in which a lot of money is concentrated, in SEO a huge number of charlatans, non-professionals and beginners, eager to get a fabulous profit. How do you distinguish between high-quality texts from the articles of newcomers?

  • No structure – the article is one sheet, it does not want to read.
  • No benefit for the reader – even if you want to sell something, your client must first get something: detailed information about the product, the prospect of benefits, a feeling of security and cooperation with professionals.
  • A large number of grammatical, stylistic and punctuation errors.
  • The text is boring and does not motivate to perform an action.
  • The article has a huge amount of artistic turns, water and “life examples”.

A quality SEO article is:

  • Visually pleasing text, with subheadings, lists, tables, equal amount of text blocks.
  • Keywords are inserted organically, they are not taken out of context, the reader does not stumble over words with the wrong declension or number.
  • The reader gets the answer to the question he came to the site with. He is confident that he wants to make a purchase or order exactly on this resource.


It’s important for you, as customers, to understand that there is no alternative to quality SEO copywriting. You can do flawless website optimization, increase its loading speed, properly compose a semantic core, and make the best design. But, without attractive headlines, useful content and motivation for the reader, you won’t be able to sell your product or service.

The keyword phrases used in the texts should not be the goal, they just reflect the request of your target audience as accurately as possible. In other words, you shouldn’t aim to just put in the keys. You need to form an opinion about the requirements, wishes and peculiarities of your audience based on their requests. The text should be an answer to these requests, the satisfaction of desire, aspiration and additional motivation to make a purchase.

The developer and owner of the site controls 98% of the search engine ranking factors. This means that it is in your hands to ensure high positions in search engine rankings. That’s why the influence of factors that are technically independent of you has an extremely low weight relative to the other 200 factors.

SEO copywriting – this affects more than 50% of the results of the output, compared with 25% of technical SEO, 5% of social factors, 10% of the influence of the link mass. Moreover, quality articles increase link gains, social activity, and sales.