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Service Desk Software

Helprace is a service desk software that offers a scalable community built for accommodating your user base and guiding customer communication.

MitriDAT has been providing Administration and Support services as a supplementary part for all online projects, regardless of it size, although it is quite clear that constant care of such things is absolutely vital for any IT project.

Such projects may represent a definite part of a business or be a fully Internet based – no matter how your business uses IT, it needs to be constantly “looked after” by specialists to guarantee its efficiency.

And it is important to exclude a possibility of system shutdown or malfunction as these can be a reason for data, money or even a whole business loss.

Several of the first steps in “keeping an eye” on a system are to make constant data backups and you’re your system recovered fast. But there are many more measures that need to be undertaken by the specialists for your e-business to be fruitful and be a standard for the stability.

Inability to prevent or solve such problems “on a fly” results financial losses, company image weakening, loosing clients and other troubles that could be wisely taken care of by having a constant help of IT specialist.

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